Hadron Collider Series

In September 2008 I saw an article in the newspaper about the Large Hadron Collider. It was accompanied by some images of parts of this gigantic machine. I was very intrigued by what I was seeing so decided to do some research about CERN. I became totally fascinated by the fantastic circular images I found, and have been working on a textile series ever since that draws inspiration from this machine. More recently I have been using the physics behind the LHC as my source material - work by the greatests physicists of the 20th Century. I have been delving into the mysteries of the atom and sub-atomic particles, as well as continuing to try and create space and depth in my work.

A vidcast published by Bonnie Mc Caffrey, who interviewed me at the Festival of Quilts in Aug 2012 - can be seen here http://bonniemccaffery.com/vidcasts/078.html

I feature in an article in "The Art of Quilting" Issue 55, January 2013

Video interview with Luana Rubin at Festival of Quilts 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ln5vNkDCGw

AtomicGallery click here to see images of the work on display in Reading.

All these images are available as blank greetings cards (square) with envelopes. Minimum order 6 cards either mixed or one design. £2 per card or £18 for ten. P+P £2 Email me on kate@findlays.net to order. See CardPhotos page to get a closer look.

Alice Adventuresmall.JPGAtom - Cusmall.JPGAtom Silversmall.JPGAtomicKateFindlaysmall.jpgBreakthroughHadronColliderKateFindlaysmall1.JPGCollidersmall1.jpgDark Matter Kate Findlaysmall.JPGDeep space3small.JPGEvent simulation Atlassmall.JPGEvent simulation Cu small.JPGEvent simulation purplesmall.JPGHadron1 squaresmall.JPGHadron2 squaresmall.JPGHadron3squaresmall.JPGHadron4 square1small.JPGHadron5small.JPGHadron6small.JPGHidden Universesmall.JPGInner Eyesmall.JPGSupersymmetry Gridsmall.JPGSupersymmetrysmall.JPG

-- KateFindlay - Mar 2015


Hidden Universe quilt
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