Joinery by Tim Findlay

All open not top.jpgBase or  top.jpgBedside cabinet.JPGBefore sanding sealer applied.jpgBox of discs.jpgCompressed.jpgComprressed pic.jpgDigger.JPGDovetails1.jpgDSCF0665.JPGFireplace.jpgFirst attempt at marquetry.JPGForklift.JPGFront and left.jpgGlue up complete.jpgGlue up curve.jpgGrandfather clock.JPGGypsy.JPGHalf size laminated 20140606.jpgHarley.JPGHeld in jig.jpgHelical stool front view.jpgHelical stool main view.jpgHelical stool top.jpgHomework project on cells.JPGJewellery box panels.JPGJubilee.JPGLeft side drawers and top open.jpgLorry and landrover.JPGMarquetry boxes.JPGPart sculpted.jpgPurpleheart boxes.JPGRocking dog.JPGRomany.JPGScarlett.JPGSnake themed dressing table.JPGSpring table compressed for upload.jpgStool 1.jpgTable 1.jpgTable 2.jpgTable 3 compressed.jpgTable 4.jpgTim in workshop 1.jpgTipper truck.JPGTop front and right.jpgTop front and right drawers open.jpgTripod table 1 compressed.jpgTripod table 2 compressed.jpgTurend box inside lid.jpgTurned box front.jpgTurned box inside and top.jpgTurned box side.jpgUnicorns.JPGVienna clock.JPGViolet.JPGWalnut shoe cabinet.JPGWriting slope.JPGYogi1.jpg

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