More Quilts!

Russian Enigma Russian Enigma - was made for the exhibition at Bletchley Park in March 2012, entitled Secret Messages. This piece has two secret messages - one in plain view in English (Clue - title of a James Bond movie) The other is a quote by Churchill about Russia, and is only visible in the dark as the thread glows in the dark!

I made this quilt for my son's 7th birthday.

Rocket Quilt for my son

This is the quilt my son had when he was 8 - as he needed a blanket for cub camp. All the leaders want one now!

Wolf Cub blanket

This is a quick quilt I made to raffle at St.Nicolas Church to raise money.

Fairtrade quilt made for church raffle

This piece was started at a workshop with Alicia Merrett at West Dean. I completed it at home and named it after the hymn "Enemy of Apathy".

Enemy of Apathy wallhanging

This is the quilt I made with my Year 5 pupils at St.Marys school. It won first prize in the Under 16 category at Malvern Quilt show in 2009

Our Town Quilt by Year 5 St.Marys School

I have always liked the colours and patterns on Canada geese and had wanted to try and recreate it in fabric.

Canada Geese wallhanging

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